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Who are we?

A group of professional engineers and equipment experts with substantial experience in supplying the industrial market with products and services.

What do we do?

Provide total solutions to the industrial community to meet their Automation, Energy, Environmental, Process Solution, and Safety needs.

What is our business philosophy?

Project Integration, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with products and services that allow them to operate their core business more efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in wrapping all aspects of a project into a bundled solution that gives our customers one firm point of contact rather than managing multiple parties each with time consuming issues.


To have the best reputation in our industry by integrating the customer’s input with problem solving logic to produce results.



The Mission of Project Integration is to service the Industrial Community’s needs by being knowledgeable of their business, solving their problems, and advancing their growth and success.  We invest in our employees’ well being and foster an environment that rewards meeting customer needs, being innovative, and recognizing  value.


In support of this, we commit to the following:


  • To develop and maintain successful relationships with our customers that lead to high-quality products and services which meet our customer needs
  • To provide an environment that promotes and rewards the development and growth of all employees
  • To actively pursue technical opportunities that provide value to our customers
  • To be an innovative and creative organization that leads to growth and continuous improvement of the company and its people