Shawn Yang – Senior Process Engineer

Shawn has worked as senior process engineer for more than 12 years. His expertise includes chemical separation and recycle process design in solar wafering industry, aluminum rolling area , oil and gas projects, and waste fluid and solid ruse projects, mass transfer process design and fluid flow simulation in distillation tower, petroleum and petrochemical industry, and combustion and air pollution control process design for energetic waste solid treatment.


BAE System (Radford, VA), Senior Process Engineer. Worked on the energetic waste incinerator and air pollution control system, including piping and instrumentation diagram design and modification, equipment and instrument selection, combustion calculation and related document preparation.

Solar wafering slurry recycling system, Senior Process Engineer, and Project Manager. Designed and managed multiple recycling processes for solar wafering slurry projects for new plants, and expansions of existing plants in US, Europe and China. Created the whole processes, including process flow diagram, piping and instrumentation diagram, mass and energy balance, equipment specification, utility requirement, etc. with various separation process such as membrane filtration, distillation, centrifuge, etc. Made great improvement on filtration process.

Alcoa Aluminum (Tennessee and Warrick), Senior Process Engineer. Designed the colling oil recycling process for Alcoa Aluminum plants. Created large pilot unit, ran and collected data and samples for over half year for demostration, then developed the commercial process to recycle the colling oil with filtration and distillation units onsite.

Waste Phosphor Collection Companies, Senior Process Engineer. Designed the chemical process to recycle Rare Earth Element from waste phosphor powder with a complex combination of hydraulic and chemical separation processes.

The Ford Motor Company (Detroit MI), Simulation Engineer. Simulated and improved the air condition and vent system with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool for Ford Motor Company.

Sinopec (China), R&D Engineer. Designed and improved the tower internal structure for petrochemical distillation units for multiple projects, including petroleum refining and natural gas cleaning. Developed patented tower internals to impove distillation efficiency with new trays and packing. Simulated and improved tower inside flow with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool and Solidworks.


  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University in China (2003)
  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina (2010)
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University in China (2000)

Multi-Cascade Mini Ring Valve with Circumvolving Flow Valve without Legs

Published 10 papers in distillation area in China and United Kindom