Air Permitting & Compliance

Clients from a wide variety of industries and geographies across the US rely on Project Integration to provide expert guidance on both air permitting and ongoing compliance.

Project Integration’s air permitting services start with a thorough evaluation of the equipment requiring a permit. Our team will calculate emissions and perform appropriate air dispersion modeling, considering the requirements in your particular state as well as national requirements. In some cases, this review results in helping you apply for the right permit that positions you for compliance in the future. In other cases, we can assist you in securing an exemption. In any case, our team makes it easy. We will handle all the details with the regulatory agencies leaving you to focus on your core business.

Once your permit is in place, Project Integration has proven experience helping you remain in compliance. Whether it’s record keeping, self-performing procedures and practices, reporting, or testing, we will work hand-in-hand with your staff and state regulators as needed. Project Integration can also prepare all your required regulatory reports for submittal and even submit online on your behalf. If there is an area that’s become problematic, we will propose solutions.

Our air permitting and compliance services include:

  • Air Quality Regulatory Compliance
  • Air Construction Permits
  • Title V Operating Permits
  • Air Permit Exemption Submittals
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Emission Inventories

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At Project Integration, we’ve been doing air permitting and compliance since Day 1. It’s core to our business. We know the equipment, the regulations, and how to effectively keep you in compliance. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.