Air Pollution Control Systems

Environmental stewardship in today’s industrial manufacturing climate demands not only compliance with regulations but awareness of resource sustainability. Public awareness and tighter compliance standards are two primary drivers.

Project Integration has been working hand-in-hand with companies across a wide variety of industries to design and build effective, innovative systems for over three decades. Our offering includes:

  • Wet Scrubbers for acid gas and particulate control
  • Dry Scrubbers for acid gas and particulate control
  • Adsorption systems utilizing activated carbon and other media
  • Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers with and without heat recovery systems
  • NOx reduction utilizing a variety of technologies

Project Integration can help with any and all phases of an air pollution control project including:

  • Evaluation of existing or new processes
  • Selection of appropriate pollution control technology
  • Permitting and regulatory interface
  • Design and engineering of the pollution control system
  • Fabrication and installation of the system

Let us help you build a compliant and sustainable air pollution control system.

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