David L. Kirby, President

David has worked in the environmental and safety compliance, air, water and waste pollution control fields for over 17 years. His expertise includes air quality, NPDES/POTW wastewater permitting, hazardous waste management, hazardous waste delisting, process safety management including facilitation of Process Hazard analyses (PHAs), project management, compliance auditing, regulatory analysis and review, NPDES storm water permitting and plan development and SPCC plan development, underground injection control (UIC) permitting, and air pollution control equipment specification. He has experience in the metals industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the pulp and paper industry, automotive industry, specialty chemicals, and various light industry facilities.


Power Systems Company (California, South Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas). Senior Consultant/Project Manager: Managing the environmental and safety compliance of a corporation with 5 facilities across the U.S. The compliance program began with a facility audit in all media and led to the required facility environmental and safety improvements. Following the improvements on-going compliance is managed by completing semi-annual facility audits and completing required reporting and training for each facility.

Secondary Aluminum Producer (Ravenswood, West Virginia). Senior Consultant/ Project Manager: Managed the environmental permitting for a $120 million facility upgrade at an aluminum facility. The permitting focused on prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) avoidance to allow for an aggressive timeline. The permitting strategy involved creative engineering solutions to minimize emission levels and allow the project to be fast tracked. Other projects included wastewater treatment, underground injection control (UIC) permitting, EPCRA Tier II and TRI reporting and NPDES storm water permitting and treatment, development of facility Process Safety Management (PSM) program to reflect facility modifications, facilitation of PHAs.

Tier I Automotive Supplier (Upper Sandusky, Ohio). Project Manager: Developed and continue to manage environmental management systems (EMS) for a Tier 1 automotive facility. The EMS development including updating or completing the facility Tier II, SARA 313 reports, CFC program development, air emission inventory (AEI), SWPPP, SPCC, universal waste management program, air permitting (both Permits–to-install (PTIs) and Permit-to-operate(PTO)), and the hazardous waste management program. Designed and permitted a wastewater treatment system for the facility. Continue to manage the facility environmental compliance under an annual contract.

Tier I Automotive Supplier (Gainesville, Georgia). Project Manager: Managed the development of a hazardous waste delisting submittal for F006 waste. The project consisted of three phases: meeting with government agencies to outline the delisting strategy and receive comments; developing a draft sampling and analysis plan (SAP); submitting a final delisting request including sampling information and implementation strategy.

Specialty Wire Manufacturer (Conway, Arkansas). Project Manager: Managed the development, submittal, and subsequent delisting of a F006 waste. The project was consisted of meeting and negotiating with the state and federal agencies, development and submission the sampling and analysis plan (SAP), quality assurance project plan (QAPP) and final delisting petition, and review and comment of the proposed delisting petition.


  • B. Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1993
  • Registered Engineer-In-Training, South Carolina (No. 12030)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Facilitator Training, 1993