Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial facilities require a properly designed ventilation system to ensure that employees are protected from harmful airborne contaminants and that the facility is compliant with OSHA requirements. Project Integration’s experience spans a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

We understand the complexities of indoor air quality and how employees are exposed and affected. Project Integration utilizes a variety of tool including computational fluid dynamic modeling to analyze ventilation problems allowing for not only current issues but potential threats in the future.

We have proven experience in designing and providing the following systems:

  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Wet Scrubbing Systems Process Ventilation Systems
  • Toxic, Acid, and Corrosive Gas Neutralization Systems
  • Solvent Capture and Collection Systems
  • Work Space Cooling and Conditioning Systems

Project Integration also makes sure that OSHA requirements are met and that Personal Exposure Limits (PELs) are not exceeded. From computer modeling and system design, to fabricating and installing a compliant system, Project Integration can satisfy your ventilation needs.