John J Sudnick, PE – Director of Engineering

John has worked in the combustion, incineration, and air pollution control fields for over 30 years. His expertise includes thermal and catalytic oxidation systems, wet and dry absorption systems, wet and dry particulate collection, and process design. John has designed and managed numerous air pollution projects. These include hazardous air pollutant (HAP) control systems, NOx reduction systems, hazardous waste incineration systems, and particulate collection systems. He has experience in the specialty chemicals industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the pulp and paper industry, and the metals industry. As a project manager, he has directed air-permitting projects, design of air pollution systems, and process system modifications.


Alliant Energy (Madison, Wisconsin). Senior Consultant: Worked with Alliant Energy and RMT, Inc. on the development of Smart Burn Low NOx Technology. The Smart Burn Technology is based on optimizing the combustion process incorporating elements of fuel preparation (coal milling), fuel and combustion air ratios, introduction of overfire air into the combustion chamber, and controlling the temperature profile of the combustion chamber. The Smart Burn Technology was implemented into many of Alliant Energy’s power plants meeting NOx emission limits with no add-on controls.

Wellman Industries (Florence, South Carolina).Senior Consultant/Engineer

Designed, built, and installed vapor transport system to collect vents from the esterifier vessels and inject them into the plants utility boilers. The boiler burners’ injector systems were modified to burn natural gas and the vapors simultaneously. The result was a destruction of 1-4 dioxane and miscellaneous organics in the vent stream.

GAF Specialty Chemicals (Elizabeth, New Jersey). Project Engineer/Project Manager: Designed and managed the construction, installation, and start-up of a gaseous phosphine thermal oxidation system. The system incorporated a high-temperature combustion process (1800F), a flue gas quench, and a coalescing particulate collector system, which met New Jersey State environmental requirements.

Pittsburgh Corning (Allegheny, Pennsylvania). Project Engineer/Project Manager: Designed, built, installed, and tested collection/control systems for organo-metallic vapors from glass coating process. Vapors collected were oxidized at 1600F. The resulting particulate-laden flue gas was cooled and filtered through a pulse-jet baghouse.

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1975.


  • Registered Professional Engineer – Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Member National
  • Fire Prevention association (NFPA) Member Carolina Air Pollution Control Association (CAPCA)