John Welsh – Process Specialist

John is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. He has previous research experience in the fields of solid oxide fuel cells and heterogeneous catalysis as well as professional experience in incineration processes.


Energetic Waste Incinerator and Contaminated Waste Processor Combined Facility (Confidential Client). Process Specialist. Developed detailed heat and material balances for a hazardous waste incinerator and air pollution control system. Calculated process safety times for safety instrumented functions as well as vessel relief requirements.

Polymer Process Plant (Confidential Client). Process Specialist. Assisted in the development of an air quality permit application for a $25 million greenfield polymer production facility. Developed drawings and specifications for liquid nitrogen, compressed air, steam, and water utility networks.

B.S.E Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina, 2017