Joshua Godfrey – Project Specialist

Joshua holds a B.S. in Civil Engineer from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Joshua has over five (5) years of experience in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and Arch Flash fields. In Joshua’s five years with Project Integration he has been involved in many areas of the EHS field ranging from Health and Safety investigations, compliance plans, Industrial Spill Prevention Control and Stormwater Compliance, Gas Pipeline Rupture Dispersion Modeling & General Societal Risk Assessment, Construction Permitting, and various types of environmental reporting. In addition to the EHS field, Joshua has an introduction level of experience with Arch Flash Modeling as well as LOTO development.


Air Permitting and Compliance (Various Industrial Facilities), Project Specialist – Experience in preparing industrial air permit applications including Title V, Conditional Major/Synthetic Minor, and state construction permits. Additionally, manages reporting requirements and develops & manage emission spreadsheets. Permitting and emission spreadsheet development experience for various states as well as facilities in Canada and Mexico.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management (Various Industrial Facilities), Project Specialist – Prepared Hazardous Waste Management Plans and Hazardous Waste Permits for various industial facilities. Additionally, manages reporting for permit compliance once permits have been granted.

Wastewater permitting and compliance, Project Specialist – Experience in preparing wastewater permit applications as well as monitoring compliance with regulations set forth in those permits.

Stormwater Pollution & Prevention / Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SWPP/SPCC) Plan Development & Stormwater Permitting, Project Specialist – Extensive experience in developing SWPP/SPCC plans and obtaining permit coverage in various states as well as experience in Canada and Mexico. Projects consist of handling permit applications, developing SWPP/SPCC plans, creating & editing site plans in AutoCAD, establishing and monitoring stormwater sampling programs, completing reporting requirements, and monitoring overall compliance with the stormwater permit(s).

Arc Flash Modeling Development & Labelling, Project Specialist Assists Project Integration’s Arch Flash Engineers & Specialists in Arc Flash Modeling for companies such as BMW, Subaru, Goodyear, Pinnacle Foods, and KIA.

Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) Development, Project Specialist – Assited in the LOTO development for Eisenmann’s construction at BMW (South Carolina) and Volvo (Summerville, SC).

Pipeline Rupture Modeling, Project Specialist – Used ALOHA and other CAMEO software to model gas pipeline rupture scenarios and their impact on the surrounding population. Provided various release scenarios for a 45 mile pipeline for various gas concentrations, pipe diameters, pipe locations, shut-off valve response times, and various shut-off valve locations along the pipeline.

B.S. Civil Engineering, Clemson University, 2010