Michael Budin, Senior Project Manager

Senior environmental engineer and manager with 35+ years experience in consulting and engineering. Demonstrated expertise in air pollution compliance regulations, process design/ operation of combustion and air pollution control systems. Background includes development and implementation of air pollution compliance and solid waste management projects. Manager of engineering, consulting, and administrative staff.

Key strengths include strategic planning, business development, air permitting, project management, and demonstrated written/verbal communication skills with multiple presentations and publications. Expertise includes:

  • Federal and state air permitting (Title V, NSR, PSD, MACT, construction permits)
  • Compliance assessments for BACT, RACT, LAER, BAT
  • Renewable biomass (alternative fuels) resource and technology assessments
  • Facility energy, air, and waste compliance assessments
  • Combustion technology engineering (burners, boilers, fired heaters, incinerators, thermal oxidizers)
  • Analysis/permitting of combustion and thermal systems
  • Conceptual design/analysis and permitting of air pollution control systems
  • Reduction of NOX, SO2, PM (PM10, PM2.5), Hg, dioxins/furans and other combustion generated pollutants
  • Waste heat recovery, cogenration and on- site power generation (CHP)
  • Industrial , commercial, and institutional projects


Multiple Construction and Operating Permitting Projects. Project Manager/Senior Consultant.

Managed multiple projects for existing facilities, new plants, and expansions of existing plants. Provided strategic compliance consulting services to assist clients with short and long range compliance plans and issues related to synthetic minor and major source evaluations. Project work typically included comprehensive source and emissions inventories in preparation for new and renewal Title V operating permits, PSD, BACT and RACT plans, and numerous construction permits (Plan Approvals) for new sources.

Chemical Manufacturing Facility (Baker Hughes, Inc., Carbondale, PA). Project Manager Prepared Plan Approval for chemical manufacturing plant making drilling fluid chemicals for shale gas hydraulic fracturing wells. Scope of project also included preparation of AST permit, SPCC plan, storm water pollution prevention plan, and Site Specific Emergency Response Plan.

Wisconsin Department of Administration (WDOA), Waupun Correctional Institution (Wisconsin). Project Engineer. Conducted a comprehensive feasibility study, including an evaluation of current and future steam and electricity demand; identifying alternative fuel options; preparing a Total Life Cycle Cost (TLCC) analysis for each alternative; considering air emissions, including criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants, and compounds that have been identified as greenhouse gases; solid waste generated as bottom ash or fly ash, water use; and wastewater discharges..

Railcar Repair Plant, Coal Fired Power House (Altoona, PA) Project Manager. Prepared process design for HCl scrubber system to reduce HCl emissions below major source threshold to avoid Boiler MACT.

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Drexel University (1969)