Our Team

Integrating Our People Into Your Business
At Project Integration, we’ve carefully selected engineering and environmental professionals that truly understand our industries. Each team member brings a unique skill set and together, they bring real solutions that solve your problems and make your business better.

While some companies choose to highlight leadership on their websites, we’ve taken a different approach. Our entire team is important. Take a little time to learn more about each member of the Project Integration team.

Patrick Baughman
General Manager

Ken Eubanks
Electrical Designer

Eddie Halford
Project Manager

Kyle Jones
IT Manager/Arc Flash Specialist

Kim Melvin
Project Manager

Eric Owens
Project Manager

Rob Zielinski
Operations Manager

Zack Dereschewitz
Arc Flash Specialist

Renee Franz
Arc Flash Specialist

Ken Jones
Technical Director

James Page

Brian Stover
Project Coordinator

Austin Herrington
Arc Flash Specialist

Ingrid Armstrong
Accounting Specialist

Mike Budin
Project Manager

Tonya Grafton
Accounting Specialist

David Kirby

John Sudnick
Director of Engineering

John Welsh
Process Specialist

David Ternberg
Electrical Engineering Manager